Perry Public Library Storywalk® at Wiese Park  

Storywalk® is an in innovative and unique way for people of all ages to enjoy the outdoors while reading a story. Pages from a children’s book are laminated and installed in plastic stations throughout a designated path in a park or other outdoor public venue. As you walk, skip, or run along the path, you are directed to the next page of the story. Storywalk® was created by Anne Ferguson of Montpelier, Vermont and has developed globally with the help of Rachel Senechal of the Kellog-Hubbard Library.



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With the collaboration of the Perry Public Works department and the Perry Parks and Recreation department, the Storywalk® was installed in June 2020 in Wiese Park. The Perry Public Library was able to fund the Storywalk® in our community through a grant. The library contracted with Dallas County Health Department, via the Iowa Department of Public Health to perform grant activities outlined in a grant awarded by Telligen. The goal is to develop several health initiatives focusing on being more active and eating 3-5 fruits and vegetables each day.

The Storywalk® located in Wiese Park will be changed out to a new story each month. There are 16 stations along the central path within the park. In addition, the library has also created a 6 station Challenge Activity Walk that extends around the gazebo path at Wiese Park.

In an effort, to continue the goal of more physical activity within our community, the library has installed three additional walks.

Pattee Park Soccer Complex Walk has a path around the fishing pond with 1 station of information pertaining to the activity of fishing.

Perry’s Tree Farm Walk has 1 station showing all the different types of trees that are being cultivated to replace trees throughout the city and especially within the parks.

Perkins Park Nature Walk has 4 stations that highlight the different aspects of nature including vegetation and wildlife.

We encourage you to go out and explore our wonderful community along these walks.