Meeting Rooms

As an institution of education, the library welcomes the use of its meeting rooms for civic, cultural, educational, and public information of groups based in Perry, or groups which have a significant number of Perry residents of any organization using the room. All other private events such as recitals, family gatherings, and reunions will be charged a $50.00 meeting room rental fee that is payable to the Perry Public Library prior to the use of the meeting room. There is a $50.00 custodial deposit regardless of the classification of the entity, in addition to any rental fee, required for any serving of food or drink in the meeting rooms. The custodial deposit will be returned once the room has been inspected by a library staff member and has been deemed to be in its original condition.


The Community Room measures 36' X 30'. It has the capacity to fit 40 people seated at tables or 72 people in chairs only. There are 12 large 6' X 3' tables and 80 chairs. A small kitchenette is attached which has a full size refrigerator, a microwave, and a sink with running water. Technology available upon request includes a smart TV, projector, and a laptop.


The Board Room measures 16.5' X 11.5'. It has the capacity to fit 8 people at a single table. There is one table with 8 chairs. Technology upon request includes a large TV connected to a desktop computer. Max capacity for the room is 15 individuals.