Children Summer Library Program

Register for the Children Summer Library program online, in person, or call the library at 515-465-3569.  Registration begins on Monday May 3rd.

Children from newborn up through fifth grade are eligible to register for the summer library program.  Register for the program by filling out the registration form to the left for each child. If you do not have access to the internet, you can register in person at the library or you can call the library at 465-3569.


How Do I Participate?


Read or Listen to Books at Your Reading Level

Track the number of minutes that you read in 15 minute increments. Record your minutes on a calendar (you can print a blank calendar to the left). Notify the library of how many minutes you have read (in person, by phone, or online by completing the form to the left) We will record your time on your official registration form. You will earn prizes along the way as you reach certain milestones, so notify us often on your progress. Thursday July 29th will be the last day to turn in your minutes read.

Participate in Events and Activities

We will have events or activities during June and July. These will be conducted virtually either live via Zoom or a recorded video posted on our website. A bonus this year for children who attend the virtual events is a weekly drawing for a chance to win $10 in Perry Bucks. Some of the activities will have a prepackaged kit of items needed for participation that can be picked up prior to the activity. Click on the Event List link to the left and it will take you to the activities available for the different age groups. Children do not need to register for most of the events. If registration is required for a particular event, it will be notated. If you have questions about events and activities, please contact Miss Suzanne at 515-465-3569 or by email

Seek and Find in the Library

Each year there is a mascot for each age group that hides somewhere in the library. This year we have three little dragons. Find the dragon for your age group each week and receive a treat. The dragons will change their hiding location every Friday throughout the program.

Checkout Scratch Off Tickets (while supplies last)

Each time a child checks out, a Scratch Off ticket will be given. Scratch off your ticket and win a prize. 


Blank Calendars