Children Summer Library Program

Register for the Children Summer Library program online, in person, or call the library at 515-465-3569.  

Children from newborn up through fifth grade are eligible to register for the summer library program.  Register for the program by filling out the registration form to the left for each child. If you do not have access to the internet, you can register in person at the library or you can call the library at 465-3569.



How Do I Participate?


Read or Listen to Books at Your Reading Level: Starts on Monday May 23rd

Track the number of minutes that you read or read to your child in 1 hour increments. Record your time read on your Reading Chart, which is located at the library. You will earn prizes as you go based on the number of hours you have read. Thursday July 28th will be the last day to turn in your reading time.

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Participate in Events and Activities: Starts on Saturday June 4th

We will have age specific events or activities during June and July. Children do not need to register for most of the events. If registration is required for a particular event, it will be notated. Click on the image below to see a list of special events & activities. If you have questions about events and activities, please contact Miss Suzanne at 515-465-3569 or by email

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Wee Wonders    2yr - 5yr Kiddos    K - 2nd Grade   3rd - 5th Grade

All Ages


Seek and Find in the Library: Starts on Friday June 3rd

Each year there is a mascot for each age group that hides somewhere in the library. This year we have Dotty the Shark for 2 - 5 year old kiddos, Snappy the Turtle for K-2nd Grade kiddos, and Coral the 3rd-5th Grade kiddos.  Find the mascot for your age group each week and receive a treat. The mascots will change their hiding location every Friday throughout the program.

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